Thursday, October 30, 2008

I love my new sofa !

So I finally received my sofa... it only took 3 months instead of the original 2.5 weeks !  But anyway, now the sofa is there and I love it ! It just looks great in my flat.

And guess what... I did my real French last week as I went negotiating with the shop and told them that it was unacceptable that it took so long.  The great thing is that they refunded 10% of the sofa.  

So yesterday, it was a great experience when I was in the shop.  I bought some funky stickers to put on my wall and, because they owed me more money than I had to pay, when I was at the cashier they actually gave me money back !  It is just great to do shopping and receive money instead of paying myself !


ignorant bliss said...

way to go! did you enjoy relaxing on the infamous sofa with the movies?

Xavi said...

yes it is soooo good !!!! and wine tasting was excellent this weekend.