Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Days like these...

When I woke up this morning I had this strange feeling that something crucial was missing in my life.

I am currently reading a French novel by Guillaume Musso and there is this discussion between a psy and a girl (who happens to be his own daughter, but he is unaware) and they both say that they are not completely happy because something essential is missing... I had that same feeling prior to reading these few sentences while taking my breakfast.

I am now 31 and lots of uncertainty is still awaiting me. But today I really realized that I am not fully satisfied yet. My career is still not at the level I want it to be but most importantly my private life is far from it. I have now reached a point where I am fully ready to settle down with someone and build a family. I believe that this is what is really missing in my life right now.

Lately I have had an active social life, renewing contacts with some friends in Nyon/Geneva that I now see regularly, but I still have not met that person I am looking for. In the last month I met with 3 girls, we had a drink and then I realized that I did not want to go further with them. None of them met my very severe criteria list which is becoming less severe every other day. But still, what is the point of being with someone if you cannot have serious discussions about what is going on in the world, any politics or economics events or about a nice bottle of wine, or about a book etc.

So the question is where can I meet this kind of person who will have a certain level of education, a certain mutual vision and understanding ?? What can I do to get this chance ?

One says that you generally meet someone through your network, shall it be work colleagues or friends, and I have kind of spreaded the word around me that for me to stay in Switzerland I would need to find that match... How long am I ready to wait ?

I feel everyday an increasing need and some days I feel kind of scared that maybe there is no one for me. Some other days I feel that in this world there must thousands of girls with whom I would feel well. Which is surely the case. But where are they ? Do I know this person already ?

Well, there are days like these where I have thousand of questions going on in my mind...

Tomorrow will probably be a better day...