Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh my god.... Barca is so strong !

Well, yesterday was the long awaited game between Barca and Lyon... My 2 teams if I may say so. Lyon obviously is my favorite team in France and Barca in Spain ! Well......... there is no comparison between them. Lyon does not play at all at the same level. Sad evening.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

10 resolutions for the new year

After a long time without writing any posts... here is my new one for the new year.  Well, we are only in March right !

So last year I made for the first time a list of 10 resolutions... did that with my friend Rafa. I will make another post to see how I did.

Well, here is the list for this year:

1- run a marathon
2- take wine tasting classes
3- eat healthier food (should be 61kg)
4- learn how to play drums
5- read at least 6 strategic books
6- bring down my golf index to 25
7- pass my motorcycle driving license
8- really start picking up some Mandarin
9- update my blog more regularly
10- practice my spanish in order not to lose it

well, that is definitely another challenging list...